production PROCESS


Planning is essential!

It is a delicate process and we work with you to understand and identify your requirements, your key messages, content, tone, style and goals of your video.

Together we will agree on objectives, video strategy and refine ideas, and then we’ll develop what we’ve discussed into a proposal that works within your budget and timing, and satisfies your goals for the video.


This may include script development, storyboarding, scheduling and, of course, filming!

The reason we create such a detailed brief and script and storyboard is so that the director knows precisely what they're doing on the shoot. Nothing is left to chance. 

We regularly use Canon DSLR camera, with a selection of L-series zoom and prime lenses. For camera movement and stabilization we use gimbals and manual sliders.

Camera is rolling...action!



The post-production goes in action and it's time to do our magic!

With the use of multiple edit suites, royalty free music, sound editing and sound design, colour correction and grading.

During the process, we can either send the draft video to you for comments or can arrange a telephone call were we can work through them together. 

Here is where your video project will really come to life.


Once the video has been made, we’ll ensure it plays effortlessly on all modern devices and it works seamlessly on social media.

​We’ll deliver the film in the format you require for websites, social platforms, on DVD, flash drive and we can advise and support you with online distribution and channel management.

video marketing

Once your video content is filmed, edited, formatted and hosted, you can begin to distribute and promote it according to our video strategy.

As much as possible, we’ll make sure that your target audience watches your video by optimising your market reach.

There are many ways to distribute your video, and they will vary depending on your audience.

You can expect a smooth process and clear communication from us throughout, resulting in a video that gets noticed and gets results.